Pull Your Socks Up

A daily account of my trails to rise from mediocrity

So what's the deal?

As my first post I thought I would describe what I plan on doing with this blog. It is going to be used as a motivational tool. I like anybody have arrived at my late twenties realizing somewhere along the lines the dream has been lost. Many things have happened in the last two years and I am currently experiancing one of the most stressful times in my life. It is because all seems so bad right now I have decided to start this blog as a record of my rise past the self help books, the get rich quick schemes and the stress of day to day life. My goal here ultimately is to use this blog as a mirror of myself and to regonize patterns so that I may become more successful.

With all that said, lets look at the facts. I do have a college diploma in graphic design, and I am talented and interested in that feild. I dream of running my own business and have had the oppurtuntiy in the past to work fulltime as a freelancer. So what's the problem you ask? While since moving from fulltime freelance I have worked at a mall, a warehouse, and a call center. I have lost my recent job shortly after moving into a new apartment. I moved into the apartment recently because I moved out of a place with my now ex-girlfriend. I'm not reaching for tears here as, no I don't have children and yes I have skills, things could be worse, I'm just stating the facts. I am finally at a crossroads and have been faced with some tough questions regarding myself and my future. With about $400 left in the bank all bets are off and although both for practical and obvious reasons I am out trying to find a regular job everyday I have never had so much resolve to go for my goals. Everything seems to be a clear sign post that I should push to get what I want out of life as it won't just land on my doorstep (go figure, eh?)

A few things I will layout as well. I am going to talk about pretty personal stuff, so I am going to be remaining annoymous and any mention of jobs or clients will also be private and mentioned in general terms. This is just to be a factual journal of my everyday life from unemployment hopefully to success.